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Hangar Meeting 7.27.19

Meeting 7.27.19

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Why did you choose me as your marketing agency?

Goffer for my assistant – do you like things different everyday? Do you like a challenge? Interested in breaking marketing?
10 things most likely to do with asking if people like to do those things
What I like to do works better
Have you thrown a party for someone???? Tell me about it. Details and passion.

Dillons Meeting


WI-FI Management – Cox
-Wifi manager
-Lead gen

-Godaddy Email Marketing
-1 per month – big events
-About 5,000+ contacts

Social Media:
Larger footprint on social media – more followers –
Engage on social media
Live videos for big events
October 19th big weekend (bull riding)
Facebook, IG, Twitter
2 FB, 1 IG, 1 Twitter
Rep management & social media management
Custom Imagery
Graphic Design

Fine tuning & refreshing & updating
Bobby Q’s

Organic SEO
Local SEO – audit



Tap out font

George Valverde: gvazbbq@gmail.com
Open to trade plus fee

Instagram – look up your_behind_bbq
Relate to personal & grassroots
Social media Unique as our restaurant
Relate to customers

LOOK UP TickTok App

Monthly Notes

July & August Highlights

Now booking for draft parties – private room/sound/big screen
Golf tournament
Bingo and raffle
Ranch flight and food specials
Craft beer and $ posts
Industry discount
Press release for anniversary
One more email for July:
Golf tournament
Bingo Raffle
Book private room

June Highlights:

8th – belmont – i will get you times
16th – fathers day

May Highlights:
4th – Kentucky derby – doors open at 830am – make reservations soon
5th – cinco de mayo – fri-sun Mexican specialties and margaritas
12th – mothers day
18th – preakness – will get you hours
27th – memorial day – usually we close early – i assume no poker?

preakness 18th – 9am doors open.
memorial day 5/27 – usually we close early – i assume no poker?

Please promote Preakness hard This week. And also Wednesday bingo with the scooter raffle.

Need that iPhone back for a virtual phone number for my trailer biz. No rush.

I text you a post from the rooster about their trivia night. I like the verbiage and tags.

I see you just posted about world cocktail day and Mother’s Day … but it doesn’t tag anything or have #. Does that work? Shouldn’t we be tagging dream dealers? And for bingo/trivia… tag jackbingo/jacktrivia? I’m not an expert. It’s just weird when I see posts with no # (And yes I see the comments # on some )

Jackbingo also said they would be tagging us more ect. So hopefully that helps. Anything I can have them do? Ideas?

Oh yeah and can we figure out how to make the main google image not the picture of our ugly old door? Any one our our photos would be nice.

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