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Get started with HubSpot CRM
Last updated: March 18, 2019

Get started with your HubSpot CRM account with these resources.

1. Set up your HubSpot account

  • Browsers supported by HubSpot
  • Add and delete users
  • Change language and region settings
  • Get help with HubSpot
  • Install the HubSpot mobile app

2. Install HubSpot Sales and connect your inbox

  • Install HubSpot Sales for Gmail, Office 365, and Outlook desktop
  • HubSpot features supported by your email provider and require a connected inbox
  • Connect your inbox to HubSpot

3. Get started with your CRM

  • Import contacts, companies, deals, tickets, or products
  • Associate records via import
  • Assign ownership of records
  • Understand sales pipelines
  • Set up and customize your deal pipelines and deal stages
  • Create and customize saved filters
  • Use tasks
  • Create tickets

4. Get started with your free Marketing tools

  • Create pop-up forms
  • Use non-HubSpot forms
  • Get started with ads

5. Get started with your free Sales tools

  • Understand your sales dashboard
  • View your sales notifications in the activity feed
  • Create and use snippets
  • Use sales email templates
  • Use the calling tool
  • Set up the meetings tool
  • Use documents
  • Get started with conversations
  • Create chat flows
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